Welcome Summer with sensual & holistic plant and flower based perfumes !

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Summer is near, thank goodness! I love the summer season with the scents of new mown grass, sun- drenched flowers, ice cold tea with lemon ice, strawberry ice cream and the salty sea air!

These scents and so many more are behind my story in creating the sensual perfumes and colognes I make today.

As a child I would often help my Grandmother, in her big kitchen by the river, as we  would mix ingredients and spices for baking. I loved the exotic and dreamy aroma of clove and cinnamon as we baked mince meat pies and persimmon cookies.

We would hull and crack the fragrant black walnuts from the old tree and I still can remember the green stains on my little fingers and the pungent, dark scent of the walnuts.

Summer would bring her rose garden and magnolia tree to life to display its grandeur as we would sit on the back porch swing looking at the river and sipping on her lemon iced tea…it was magical!

We all have moments that are special to us and I have always wanted to create and “bottle” these special feelings from my memories…

This has been my dream with Angel Blue Perfume LLC and the lovely wild crafted and distilled plant essences combined to bring you truly unique and sensual scents!

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