Angel Blue Perfume LLC is going to be at Block Party Handmade Boutique in Louisville, KY on 4th Street Downtown!

Universal Ad Tommie lady cherry flower.jpg

I am excited to announce Angel Blue Perfume LLC  will be at another independent retailer in Louisville, KY! The @BlockPartyHandmadeBoutique has accepted us and we are super excited!

I love Louisville, KY and Southern, IN and always enjoy spending time at the unique artisan,  craft and gallery shops that these places  have to offer.

I am an artisan perfumer but many of you also know me as  a painter, writer and photographer and I have always enjoyed the art scene, spirit and celebration of the fine people that call these places home.

Thank you Block Party Handmade Boutique for having us! Get ready Louisville for lovely, sensual and holistic natural perfumes and cologne!

Angel Blue Ad 3

#BlockPartyHandmadeBoutique #LouisvilleKy #southernmade #angelblueperfume

#tommieflannerybaskis #holistic #artisan #boutiques






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