“Victorian Style” scents by Angel Blue Perfume LLC that are elegant, sensual and holistic

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At Angel Blue Perfume LLC, we love to create the fine, distinctive and artisan crafted perfume and cologne scents that have been  inspired, not only from my knowledge and experience collecting and studying plants and trees, but from the vast knowledge of the Shakers in America and the Victorian history of scents. My created fine perfume is made without synthetics or petrochemicals. The scents can be used lavishly for they are soft, sensual and safe.

There is so much to tell about the Victorian times and the scents that came to be, so I will just share some intriguing information now and follow up with a more extensive posting in the future.

Ladies during the Victorian period indulged in many fine, natural and herbal scented mixtures. They were commonly used to mist the hair, skin, gloves, handkerchiefs,  clothing, pin cushions and the like. The naturally derived plants and herbal concoctions that were favored had a mixture of two or more of the following and sometimes just one herbal plant might be favored. The popular plant choices were Lavender, Lemon, Bergamot, Rose, Orange Blossom, Violet, Mace, Clove, Frankincense, Jonquils, Jessamine and many more.

One must keep in mind that the early Victorian days, unlike the late Victorian, did not have use of animal byproducts like musk, civet  and such that would make the perfume last longer and smell stronger.

Eau de Cologne and floral waters were the talk of the day but unlike finer perfume these were created with distilled water. These lighter scents were more affordable for the working class Ladies and Gentlemen.

At Angel Blue Perfume LLC I make my fine perfume in our Laboratory at the weight and mixture of Perfume quality but I find that adding a small percentage of pure distilled water I lower the natural alcohol scent and the emulsion allows for more of the pure oils and essences to come through in a lovely note combination.

During the middle years of the Victorian period, Lemon oil and Bergamot were the most popular and sought after scents. These would normally be combined but some would use each one separately.

During the late Victorian period there were many chemist, distillers and perfume houses in London and Paris with a wide range of choices of inexpensive, synthetic fragrances available to the common working man and women.

This was wonderful for many, now the general population could afford to smell “sweet” and refined as the wealthier classes.

The wealthy ladies did not like this so much and wanted to be distinguished from the lower classes. This would put a demand on natural and unsynthesized  perfumes, again.  In the 1890’s more complex, fine and lovely scents with 8-14 different plant essences and extracts would be sold in bottles and glass vials that were decorative and ornate.

One of the oldest perfume houses in the world today is Floris, in Jermyn Street, London. It was founded in the 18th century and is still here today.

Please visit my fine perfume site at angelblueperfume.com for sensual and distinctive artisan crafted “Victorian” style scents that are lovely, enticing and joyful.

To receive free samples fill out your contact information on the website.

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