My Poem “Soft Fire” is Featured on Rutger Hauer’s Soap Box Poets

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Soft Fire

© by Tommie Flannery Baskis

Soft fire is the song of a winter wind,

a pathfinder through a foggy glass crack, will be heard …

in the moment she has gone.

The imperceptible path is her domain

The flight of hawk will know her name

The story of aged battles must be retold

Bring to the hallowed light, all that is lost, all that has been sold

Soft fire is searching to renew the distant dream, beyond the silvered veil,

beyond the shadowy stream

What lies in the forest of hiding, unseen by mortals… soft fire will claim

Bone and sinew, dust as dreams

An Angel is waiting…

in bone, sinew, dreams, never to be the same.


Rutger Hauer is a known as a fine actor with many films through the years. My favorite is Blade Runner!

He also has a non-profit charity called “Starfish” which raise money for Mothers and children with HIV/AIDS. If you get a moment visit his website to see all of the good things they are doing !

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