News Flash!! The Debut of my Newest Holistic & Artisan Perfume, “Ash Rose Moon” is Mysterious, Sensual and Earthen

IMG_1577 ARM single 2


I am very excited to be sharing the news of my newest botanical perfume, “Ash Rose Moon” ! It is a ‘Victorian’ style, holistic, artisan & sensual perfume made from true wild crafted plant essences that are joyful, enchanting and complex!

All of my lovely perfume and cologne products are safe, GCMS tested oil and plant essence formulations without toxic chemicals, aldehydes, dyes, parabens, phthalates, etc!

“Ash Rose Moon” is a mysterious, rich and sensual blend of proprietary notes that include, exotic yuzu, tart and sweet magnolia, rich rose, earthen and powdered vetiver, dark floral melissa and more…

Visit to purchase one of my truly unique and holistic scents on the market today!

“A scent, that when adorned by the individual women and man, graces and blends on the skin a very enchanting and truly unique story just for you…”

Live your Vision, Walk in your Light-

XO- Tommie

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