‘Lady Lonicera’ is the True and Ethereal Honeysuckle Perfume; Victorian Inspired, Artisan Crafted

The children of summer sun, with the scent of burning honeysuckle and their small bare feet, run forever; so reverent and sure…

My newest luscious and ethereal perfume scent ‘Lady Lonicera’ delivers sweet notes from its namesake, The Latin word Lonicera, is found in the naming of Honeysuckle varieties.

The memories I have, as a child in summer, slowly walking up and down the honeysuckle vines that grew like magic in our large yard along the fence row, still make me smile.

The scent was not only intoxicating and sensual, it was a special “seal” of summer to touch the silky, trumpet flowers and taste the sweet nectar upon my tongue.

The scent was ethereal, sweet citrus and honeyed and I always imagined as a little girl, wanting a perfume that was scented like this.

Honeysuckle is from the Caprifoliaceae family which has a more than a hundred species. The Renaissance botanist, Adam Lonicer is where the Latin taxonomy name derives from. Most of the berries from the different species are mildly poisonous.  The nectar is safe to ingest.

The task of gathering Honeysuckle is arduous and time consuming. There is a fine window of gathering, curing and using our Polar Solvent Extraction technology process to render this truly, ethereal and magical plant essence.

A true , pure Honeysuckle scent is very difficult to make linger because the scent is fleeting and airy. It is an ethereal top note but also can be a middle or heart note combination. I have added into my formula Tangerine, Sandalwood (honey notes), Peru Balsam of which is reminiscent of a vanilla, wooded forest, spicy Coriander and the real true essence of Honeysuckle from my property in Kentucky.

The formula is complex and rich for I have added a great deal of the Honeysuckle essence to create what I believed to be a sensual and luscious perfume scent like the memory I had as a child on those summer days in June.

The essence can be rendered but many labs and companies choose to not use Honeysuckle because the yield and cost do not justify the effort.

The vast majority of Honeysuckle notes one smells in perfumes, soaps, candles, lotions etc. are lab reconstituted and/or mixes of other plant and floral essences to create combinations that mimic the scent or nuance. Phenyl acetic acid lends a honeyed tonality to a perfume as well as anisic aldehyde, of which has aniseed properties and can be found in many florals that have yellow flowers. Citrus adds the green, spicy vine notes.

I have enjoyed creating this intoxicating and ethereal summer perfume blend created with the true Honeysuckle essence, that I am sure will delight and bring you joy. All of my perfume and cologne fragrances for women and men are toxin free, synthetic aldehyde free, cruelty free and “simply luscious upon the skin of the bearer”.

Visit the ‘Lady Lonicera’ page on my site to request a sample or place an order.

“Live your vision, walk in your light”




IMG_6777 LL perfect




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