DRAGONSLAYER cologne, The Inspiration behind the ‘Spirit and Essences’ of Lime, Anise, Cedar Wood, Fir and Black Pepper

dragonslayer winter 11

As a young girl, I can fondly remember the masculine cologne scents worn by the men I adored. The colognes my Father, Grandfathers and Uncles would adorn were so masculine with their outdoor, smoky and spice essences. The warm and enticing cologne scents always reminded me of some special “holiday’ gathering full of joy and vibrancy.

As the years went by I started to notice less masculine scents that smelled toxic and sweet. The ‘manly’ commercial colognes, seemed to have lost their spirit and vitality, in my opinion. I knew I always wanted to create that magic and sensuality that was lost in the newer, commercial varieties.

Many men and women, who have tested and reviewed DragonSlayer seemed to confirm my vision and love for the carefully selected plant essences I chose in creating a distinctive and masculine cologne. A cologne with a living vibrancy and story…

It is in the ‘spirit’ of the masculine and enticing blend of earthy, warm notes consisting of  ‘Lime, Anise, Silver Fir, Cedar Wood, Black Pepper and Cocoa’ that my dream cologne came to be.

Gentlemen will appreciate the distinctive, natural, artisan cologne evoking deep forest and earthy spice with sweet lime, cedar wood and anise that soften and warm to the skin. Black pepper & cocoa notes add a complex, rich sensual warmth and the fir essences evoke a spicy and crisp outdoor experience, that make DragonSlayer a very alluring and sensual cologne scent for men.

A man can feel good about wearing this cologne too, for there are no synthetic aldehydes, fixatives, chemicals or dyes in my cologne formulations; Just rich, wild-crafted and distilled oil and plant essences.

Men take note…this is a very ‘Masculine’ and ‘enchanting’; A sensual cologne, ladies will surely find to be exotic, fresh and distinctive!

Please visit the Dragonslayer page at the link above or visit the page here, for your 2.00, 1ml sample –   https://angelblueperfume.com/dragonslayer/






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