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My Quest for “The Forgotten Story” in America

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My Quest for “The Forgotten Story” in Scottsville, KY

Through the years, my quest for “the forgotten story” has taken me on many intriguing and inspiring journeys through America, especially the mid-west river towns.

These lovely places and towns that have deep roots in early American history have touched my soul and given me the inspiration for many of my creations.

Whether my creations, such as a new painting, a photographic capture of an abandoned place in time, a new writing of “the old ways and lost stories” for my books “The Abandoned Story” or exploring the forests and countryside for wild plants and roots, I have been deeply moved by the strength and resilience of the people, old towns and countryside in the mid-west towns.

Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky have always been to me, an intriguing and rich source for old stories and ways, abandoned places, history and landscape so lovely and diverse, teeming with a natural energy and abundance of life.

It is no wonder that Native Americans professed that Kentucky was a sacred place with its diverse life, large trees and water sources.

The journey that follows will be from the countryside and quaint town called Scottsville, in Allen County KY. Allen County, KY was named for Colonel John Allen, a soldier and state senator. He was killed leading the 1ST regiment of Kentucky Riflemen at the Battle of Frenchtown, Michigan during the infamous war of 1812.

Scottsville, a very proud American town, is and always has been the government and commercial center of Allen County, KY. The place that resides by Bays Fork was settled in 1797 as a stagecoach station and the town was created and established by 1817. Kentucky’s 4TH governor, Charles Scott inspired the town’s namesake.

Scottsville boasted a grand courthouse that was “prominently positioned” to interrupt the traffic flowing in the turnpike that lead from Louisville to Nashville.

Before the turn of the century there were many small established businesses and small industry. The new technology that would come at the turn of the century, the Dixie Highway, oil boom, telephone, electricity, automobile and such would help the growth expansion of Scottsville.

I have written in the past, a more concise story about Scottsville and its large Noah Hoover Mennonite community, a branch of the Old Order Mennonites. Scottsville is the home of their main settlement; coming from Snyder Counter Pennsylvania they chose Scottsville in 1978 to create a new settlement in Kentucky.

The following is an excerpt from a past writing of my encounters with some of the Mennonite men, women and children in Scottsville, when I met with knife maker and metal forger of the old ways, Sam Stoner.

“I travel a dusty and buggy worn path with the overhanging boughs of locust, oak and maple above me…the scent of a deep and wild damp raises cool from the spring creek. The wind sends a soft honeysuckle fragrance as my eye catches a sturdy Mennonite man. He is walking with solemn purpose in a tall field along a fencerow…he bends down to pull on something from the earth. He looks at the approaching storm that is foreseen…”

I was helped much and given a few hand drawn maps by two kind young Mennonite men that worked a fine organic vegetable and strawberry market. They both were very inquiring of my name and book and of course helped me pick out the firmest squash and tomatoes to take back home. The one man was busy drawing for me a fine map that had a few turns and T’s in the road but he left out the names of the roads and lanes. His friend kindly smiled and turned to the other joking to him that “maybe he should put some names to those markings” he was making.

I laughed and thought that was probably wise considering my experience and knowledge of the twisting country lanes out here in Kentucky. Well, unfortunately the map took me to a general store run by a man named Matthew who was very solemn but kind and quick. He listened to my story about my quest to find Sam Stoner, the blacksmith who makes fine knives and tomahawks. He then neatly took to drawing a map with two small bridges on it that would finally lead to Sam. It did and I was thankful to be here for the day was getting late.

I slowly walk up the lovely country drive to the scent of coal fire burning. I was excited for I knew he must be working on forging something special.

Sam was talking knife business with another local man and he smiled and seemed like he didn’t have a care in the world. I thought that here was a man who is very content and joyful at his craft.

When my turn came to speak I was eager to see and learn as much as I could. I explained my reason for coming to see him and about my book. Sam was more than happy to show me around and answer my questions. He even made a knife out of a railroad spike for me to see. I was thrilled to watch his process. Sam, unbeknownst to me, had just been interviewed for KET. He said I could capture some photographs as I watched him stoke and wind up the coal fire. The incredible show began…I was amazed and listened to him describe the bone and woods he liked to use, such as tiger maple, burled walnut, rosewood, ash and other hardwoods from the area. He would often use deer and elk antler. He would speak about the interesting and beautiful craft of jewelling the blade. His work was as beautiful to watch as his fine craftsmanship and artistic ability was displayed by each unique knife that was finished.

He had two Belgian horses running on a track to move the pulley system that operated the automated hammer machine for flattening the hot metal to be made into the knife blade. This was the “Old Way”. I really enjoyed my journey into Sam Stoner’s blacksmith workshop and can only extend a gracious wish for his extended art, prosperity and joy of life.

I hope that this journey has taken you to a time and place where “old stories and dreams” still live brightly.

Always search for the hidden gems, the lost stories, in your existence. They hold the truest power, the brightest light-


Tommie XO

-Angel Blue-

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“Slippin” Creek is Just a Stones Throw

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I’m my Mother’s shiny girl child when she left me here

I’m the seed of love from my Father, distant watcher…proud of my growing

My Grandmother spoke to me on the last hour of her death bed- Child don’t take money for things undone and things that should not be done.

Boy, don’t you know slippin creek is just a stones throw away.

I see you lolling behind, boy-

slow moving and strong-

I see you there summer sweat and shadow dark.

Slippin creek is just a stones throw….

As a smiling child my Mother told me I had the strength for making up for peoples shortcomings

So I took off running into the sun of Summer unveiled and barefoot to feel slippin creek beneath me, a lithe shadow dancing just a stones throw

Boy I see your dark shadow watching just a stones throw away-

I see your shadow bright… hiding in the darkest corner behind that heavy hanging door

Slippin creek is waiting under summer rose moon, darkest scent of purple violet and mimosa candy sweet-

Blackbird flies swift and heavy with secrets to share over slippin creek…

Where shadows lie still and illusions speak-




“Wildchild County” perfume’s luscious notes evoke days filled with joy, warmth and sunshine!



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This soft, elegant, sweet floral scent will have you dreaming of those gorgeous summer days filled with warm sunshine and cool breezes that carry the faint essences of juicy orange, sun- drenched mimosa, exotic and spicy ylang ylang, warm vanilla bean and sandalwood…

The note essences that I have chosen, come together for an enticing blend that is a warm floral, with just the right “sweet sugar and spice” added to create a bright and clean perfume scent!

Wildchild County is elegant and joyous, for those ladies who love sweet floral notes that are soft and sexy!

My Poem “Soft Fire” is Featured on Rutger Hauer’s Soap Box Poets

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Soft Fire

© by Tommie Flannery Baskis

Soft fire is the song of a winter wind,

a pathfinder through a foggy glass crack, will be heard …

in the moment she has gone.

The imperceptible path is her domain

The flight of hawk will know her name

The story of aged battles must be retold

Bring to the hallowed light, all that is lost, all that has been sold

Soft fire is searching to renew the distant dream, beyond the silvered veil,

beyond the shadowy stream

What lies in the forest of hiding, unseen by mortals… soft fire will claim

Bone and sinew, dust as dreams

An Angel is waiting…

in bone, sinew, dreams, never to be the same.


Rutger Hauer is a known as a fine actor with many films through the years. My favorite is Blade Runner!

He also has a non-profit charity called “Starfish” which raise money for Mothers and children with HIV/AIDS. If you get a moment visit his website to see all of the good things they are doing !

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Inspiration from, “Early Town, the Carnival Lady and an Attic Full of Secrets”


Live your Vision, Walk in your Light


“We are receivers of this presence, we are like secrets finding, unfolding unto the light…

The manifested thought is our creation. Guide it, nurture it from a place of true wonderment…”



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” I believe in the power of weaving a story out of nature’s own roots, flowers, leaves, wood, spices and fruits.”

Tommie, Forest and AB ad.jpg

As a child, I have always been fascinated with the sensual nature of plant essences, trees and life in the countryside.

I love to create a story and mood with wild crafted, holistic and distilled essences to bring you truly distinctive and sensual scent combinations that are the dreams of “Angel Blue Perfume”.

Through the years, my love and admiration grew for plant, resin, spice and wood properties that made real essential oils and essences. Angel Blue Perfume LLC started to evolve from my dreams into a successful reality.

I loved to read about the medicinal and wild crafted plants and flowers the Shaker women and men would prepare for people for medicine and ailments. I also happened to be intrigued by the “Victorian Era” perfumers and the plant and flower essences they would combine to create gorgeous scents!

Since I was young girl and would smell the intoxicating essences of some of my favorite plants like honeysuckle, mimosa, magnolia blossoms and my Grandmother’s rose garden, I have dreamed of creating unique combinations from nature. I always wanted to be adorned in those lovely scents from roots, leaves, flowers, spices and wood smoke I would come to love and know.

These scents were pure enchantment for me!

 “My dream has been to create something truly sensual, distinctive and lovely from nature… the scent, that when adorned, would evoke the story and mood of the carefully selected notes and essences that were chosen for each artisan crafted perfume and cologne.

I believe in the power of weaving a story out of nature’s own roots, flowers, leaves, wood, spices and fruits.”

Tommie Flannery Baskis

Live your Vision, Walk in your Light


If you would like to experience one of the finest holistic and sensual perfume or cologne scents that we have to offer, please go to my website at and send me a message on my contact page to request a sample, today.



To my Father, a man that loved, protected, taught and nurtured me…


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IMG_5213 Dad and Me 2


My Father, Michael Douglas Flannery, I remember with great fondness and love. He was a quiet, strong and patient man who gave me a sense of security as a child.

I admired his patience and passion for the things he loved to do and people he loved to share his time with. He was a quiet man and as a child, when I would look up at him, his tall frame seemed so towering over mine. When he would reach down to pick me up and hold me, his strength would pull me up with such ease I thought he could always protect me from any bad dream.

As a child, sensitive and imaginative, I really loved the feeling of my Dad’s protection. I thank God, as a curious child, I had a Father like him.

He was one who understood my explorative nature, but kept a watch on me. He understood my independent nature and also my deep need for love.

He is the one whose passion and inspiration for plants and gardening, taught me so much and inspired me to gain more knowledge of plant essences.

I remember his love of Family and gathering with them during the Holidays. His warmth, generous smile and happy demeanor were always a welcome sight.

I will always remember his patience teaching me how to plant my first garden as a young girl. I loved the way my bare feet touched the cool upturned soil on the warm Spring day.

He taught me how to carve my first Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween. This was so exciting for me as he showed me how to use his favorite fish carving knife, carefully. It made me feel so special that he trusted me.

He taught me how to fish and our Family’s camping trips were the highlight of my summers.

My Dad loved many things, simple pleasures through all the seasons. He was an outdoors kind of man. His hands were strong and busy. He was so fond of fishing, camping, boating, gardening. He was adept at woodworking and making things. I loved his creativity and joyful spirit.

He also “carved the path” of how I would view other men that came into my life.

I have been blessed to know many good men in my Family and as friends who have been loving and nurturing and showing strength and discipline when needed.

I can only whisper in prayer and praise to my Father now,…and some of the other wonderful men I have known…these wonderful moments you all have given to us I am forever thankful and gracious beyond words.

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“Victorian Style” scents by Angel Blue Perfume LLC that are elegant, sensual and holistic

IMG_0941 Lovely Bottle and Boxes


At Angel Blue Perfume LLC, we love to create the fine, distinctive and artisan crafted perfume and cologne scents that have been  inspired, not only from my knowledge and experience collecting and studying plants and trees, but from the vast knowledge of the Shakers in America and the Victorian history of scents. My created fine perfume is made without synthetics or petrochemicals. The scents can be used lavishly for they are soft, sensual and safe.

There is so much to tell about the Victorian times and the scents that came to be, so I will just share some intriguing information now and follow up with a more extensive posting in the future.

Ladies during the Victorian period indulged in many fine, natural and herbal scented mixtures. They were commonly used to mist the hair, skin, gloves, handkerchiefs,  clothing, pin cushions and the like. The naturally derived plants and herbal concoctions that were favored had a mixture of two or more of the following and sometimes just one herbal plant might be favored. The popular plant choices were Lavender, Lemon, Bergamot, Rose, Orange Blossom, Violet, Mace, Clove, Frankincense, Jonquils, Jessamine and many more.

One must keep in mind that the early Victorian days, unlike the late Victorian, did not have use of animal byproducts like musk, civet  and such that would make the perfume last longer and smell stronger.

Eau de Cologne and floral waters were the talk of the day but unlike finer perfume these were created with distilled water. These lighter scents were more affordable for the working class Ladies and Gentlemen.

At Angel Blue Perfume LLC I make my fine perfume in our Laboratory at the weight and mixture of Perfume quality but I find that adding a small percentage of pure distilled water I lower the natural alcohol scent and the emulsion allows for more of the pure oils and essences to come through in a lovely note combination.

During the middle years of the Victorian period, Lemon oil and Bergamot were the most popular and sought after scents. These would normally be combined but some would use each one separately.

During the late Victorian period there were many chemist, distillers and perfume houses in London and Paris with a wide range of choices of inexpensive, synthetic fragrances available to the common working man and women.

This was wonderful for many, now the general population could afford to smell “sweet” and refined as the wealthier classes.

The wealthy ladies did not like this so much and wanted to be distinguished from the lower classes. This would put a demand on natural and unsynthesized  perfumes, again.  In the 1890’s more complex, fine and lovely scents with 8-14 different plant essences and extracts would be sold in bottles and glass vials that were decorative and ornate.

One of the oldest perfume houses in the world today is Floris, in Jermyn Street, London. It was founded in the 18th century and is still here today.

Please visit my fine perfume site at for sensual and distinctive artisan crafted “Victorian” style scents that are lovely, enticing and joyful.

To receive free samples fill out your contact information on the website.

Sign my contact page for the latest in offers and events with Angel Blue Perfume LLC.

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Angel Blue Perfume LLC is going to be at Block Party Handmade Boutique in Louisville, KY on 4th Street Downtown!

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I am excited to announce Angel Blue Perfume LLC  will be at another independent retailer in Louisville, KY! The @BlockPartyHandmadeBoutique has accepted us and we are super excited!

I love Louisville, KY and Southern, IN and always enjoy spending time at the unique artisan,  craft and gallery shops that these places  have to offer.

I am an artisan perfumer but many of you also know me as  a painter, writer and photographer and I have always enjoyed the art scene, spirit and celebration of the fine people that call these places home.

Thank you Block Party Handmade Boutique for having us! Get ready Louisville for lovely, sensual and holistic natural perfumes and cologne!

Angel Blue Ad 3

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Angel Blue and Einar in Marrowbone Town

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Angel Blue and Einar in Marrowbone Town

By Tommie Flannery Baskis


Marrowbone town is as ancient and orphic as the memory is intimate with secrets.

Light is the same at Marrowbone in the morning as it is at dusk, when the sun and star shine, upon silver sheen fog, reach the eyes.

One will find many treasures and visions among the souls of townsfolk here. You will find them waiting for you among the thorned Honey Locust trees, the sun dusted fields of thistle and vines, the river ferry whose secrets are told slowly and the abandoned places of Marrowbone town. These are the truest places when the moon is still and dreams are carried by dark wings of starlings.

Each season bears the weight of a dark sleep and rebirth called the Great Turning.

This is when the sibylline story is shared with spirit among Marrowbone townsfolk.

The story was carved deep, inside, from the dawning by the hand of the alpha light and the first warrior.

All men, women and children have the “knowing” in Marrowbone.

Old man Caedmon says to me “it was never taken from us, just forgotten”

This story is best shared through the eyes and thoughts of two special young souls in Marrowbone….Angel Blue and Einar

All townsfolk in Marrowbone live in joyful light and storm, doing what they do best…creating thought for the highest good of all.

This gift was the beginning.

The gift could never be destroyed or taken. It could only be hidden…

Angel Blue loved to form thoughts in the forests, creeks, winter moon autumns and abandoned houses.

Angel Blue was from the one before the beginning. She is silver light, deepest fire and the most potent thought creator Einar has ever known.

The dark-eyed Junco tinkles a silvery song from a high loft as it watches her presence slowly move close to old man Caedmon’s barn.

Einar is waiting, with silence, shadow clad and cedar smoke.

The shadows that envelop Einar are primal, fierce and protective.

Einar is a watcher and grand seer from the first warrior. His lineage was boldly carved in a secret storm; a watcher in the dark was his seal.

His gift as a seer was to protect Angel Blue in her time of Vision.

This bond was silent but forceful between them.

Even when she lay alone upon the feathered mattress listening intently to the long metallic whistle of the midnight train through a dreaming Marrowbone, did she feel Einar’s watching.

He is always the protector of the dream vision, like an invisible silk web shrouding her moonlit flesh.

Angel Blue and Einar walk together with moments bathed in charcoal star skies smoke and clove scented woodlands, and abandoned places in the season of knowing.

A Loggerhead shrike glides swift through the ether of falling dusk, capturing a field mouse in its talons.

Angel Blue and Einar watch the dance with death as the Loggerhead shrike impales the mouse on a long Honey locust thorn.

Einar tells Angel Blue “The watcher knows the mystery in the living, dances close to what we promised to not remember…”

The vision will be dreamed through the season of knowing…

The vision will be passed on to you and me…

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IMG_6335 Smokehouse

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