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Welcome Summer with sensual & holistic plant and flower based perfumes !

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Summer is near, thank goodness! I love the summer season with the scents of new mown grass, sun- drenched flowers, ice cold tea with lemon ice, strawberry ice cream and the salty sea air!

These scents and so many more are behind my story in creating the sensual perfumes and colognes I make today.

As a child I would often help my Grandmother, in her big kitchen by the river, as we  would mix ingredients and spices for baking. I loved the exotic and dreamy aroma of clove and cinnamon as we baked mince meat pies and persimmon cookies.

We would hull and crack the fragrant black walnuts from the old tree and I still can remember the green stains on my little fingers and the pungent, dark scent of the walnuts.

Summer would bring her rose garden and magnolia tree to life to display its grandeur as we would sit on the back porch swing looking at the river and sipping on her lemon iced tea…it was magical!

We all have moments that are special to us and I have always wanted to create and “bottle” these special feelings from my memories…

This has been my dream with Angel Blue Perfume LLC and the lovely wild crafted and distilled plant essences combined to bring you truly unique and sensual scents!

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“Wildchild County” makes its debut as a gorgeous sweet floral, in time for Summer

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Welcome to “Wildchild County”,  Angel Blue Perfume’s latest summer scent!

“Wildchild County”  is an elegantly sweet and warm floral with delicious notes of sweet orange, mimosa, ylang ylang and vanilla bean. This lovely sweet, juicy floral is sexy, joyful and elegant.

All perfumes and colognes are made without chemicals and dyes. They are holistic and artisan crafted scents that can be enjoyed lavishly.

We at Angel Blue Perfume LLC are elated to bring you this newest holistic and artisan crafted summer scent!

Please visit the Wildchild County page link to see more and request your sample today.


“Wildchild County”  a place where moments linger under large oak trees, where the summer sun gently gives a warm fragrance to the wildflowers gently blowing near the forest pasture…

Laughter is the song of late afternoon porch gatherings, as swings slowly rock to a rhythm of tinkling iced glasses of fresh tea with sweet orange slices

As the evening grows near with the cicada calls, we eagerly anticipate Grandma’s homemade vanilla bean ice cream to sweetly cool our warm summer souls




Experience Summer’s Sensual and Holistic Perfumes and Colognes from Angel Blue Perfume LLC

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Experience summer’s newest natural, holistic and sensual perfume scents today!

I have carefully selected luscious notes from plant essences to create Summers finest perfume and cologne! Lovely scents like “Seaside Sugar” , “Summer Midnights” , “Wildchild County”  and more to tantalize, enliven and bring joy to you this Season!

Sensual and elegant notes of sweet lime, cocoa, mimosa, vanilla bean, ylang ylang, sandalwood, rose Moroccan, cinnamon leaf, German chamomile, orange blossom and cassia, you will find in these lovely summer perfumes.

Love and good wishes to you all!


Angel Blue Ad for Poster.jpgThe Forest contains all the mystery I could ever desire. Life is abundant for all to see, yet what remains hidden finds its path to the soul.

Its moments align with complete serenity, a complete truth, a grand story…

Find these moments…they are for you

“Wildchild County” summer perfume

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Angel Blue Perfume LLC – Exhibiting at Patchingtons Boutique in Vero Beach, FL

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Such a wonderful afternoon to be displaying our lovely and holistic perfume and cologne with the fine town of Vero Beach, FL at @Patchingtons !

Thank you to my lovely friend, Pamela Bennett, who gave so much time and energy to welcome me this day. You are a sweetheart!

I look forward to many more days in celebrating this fine natural oil, root, leaf, flower and spice essences that create the sensual and lovely scents of Angel Blue Perfume LLC.

Visit to request samples today and experience fine perfumery that are like the “Victorian Style” scents! These are all free of chemicals, aldehydes, mineral oil, parabens…you get the picture:)

“Live your Vision, Walk in your Light…”

Tommie XO

Summer Midnights, shines with luscious perfume notes of orange blossom, ylang ylang, rosewood, cocoa and lavender

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I am thrilled to bring you my elegant and sensual summer perfume scent “Summer Midnights” !  It was exciting to create this luscious combination of top, middle and finish notes to blend together and weave a story from one of my dreams!

I do hope you will find and enjoy the enchantment and sensual nature of Summer Midnights soon!

The elegant scents at Angel Blue Perfume LLC  are created with much care and creative thought in order to bring you the finest, natural and lovely perfumes and colognes.

I am very proud to have searched for the finest essences, pure and wild crafted. Some of these plants we are distilling also. I love this process of creating our unique essences to share with the world.

I would love to thank everyone for the support and kindness…

Thank you for sharing my excitement and joy!!

Below is a published writing that inspired my making of “Summer Midnights”



Summer Midnights-

The Cicada buzz mounts to a vibratory fury and descends swift as I watch the mist settle upon the cooling late summer fields.

Bull thistle has gone to seed among the barn, white flurries dance soft upon the heated electric ether, sent forth before the storm.

I wander a lush and timeless countryside, where feathery mimosa tree blossom give generous,  a sensual fragrance… a gift for anyone fortunate to savor the sweet coconut and pink sugar, cooked by a summer sun.

A peregrine falcon soars in a space on high, overseer of its rolling hillside

Amish women hang their wet washing for the gentle wind to press into a shape that will be sun faded and warm cotton fragrant by evening.

A slow and low thunder rumbles the wood clapboards and settles with the dust.

Swift blackbirds among the cornfields take flight trailing a dusty swirled path to the blue and gray summer heaven above. They will find secret haven past the old man’s tobacco barn into the tree line where dusk awaits.

Horses languish in the field with the last heated moments of this summer day.

I will lay upon a cool linen bed as the day that brought blessings will unfold into memories…

Secretly listening for the soft whistle of the small town train, which always comes in summer’s midnight.

It is a lullaby song of a summer’s dream…



copyright 2016- Angel Blue perfume LLC

Tommie Flannery Baskis

Angel Blue Perfume LLC, Elegant and Lovely “Victorian Style” Natural Perfume and Cologne Essences



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At Angel Blue Perfume LLC, we love to create the fine, distinctive and artisan crafted perfume and cologne scents that have been  inspired, not only from my knowledge and experience collecting and studying plants and trees, but from the vast knowledge of the Shakers in America and the Victorian history of scents. My created fine perfume is made without synthetics or petrochemicals. The scents can be used lavishly for they are soft, sensual and safe.

There is so much to tell about the Victorian times and the scents that came to be, so I will just share some intriguing information now and follow up with a more extensive posting in the future.

Ladies during the Victorian period indulged in many fine, natural and herbal scented mixtures. They were commonly used to mist the hair, skin, gloves, handkerchiefs,  clothing, pin cushions and the like. The naturally derived plants and herbal concoctions that were favored had a mixture of two or more of the following and sometimes just one herbal plant might be favored. The popular plant choices were Lavender, Lemon, Bergamot, Rose, Orange Blossom, Violet, Mace, Clove, Frankincense, Jonquils, Jessamine and many more.

One must keep in mind that the early Victorian days, unlike the late Victorian, did not have use of animal byproducts like musk, civet  and such that would make the perfume last longer and smell stronger.

Eau de Cologne and floral waters were the talk of the day but unlike finer perfume these were created with distilled water. These lighter scents were more affordable for the working class Ladies and Gentlemen.

At Angel Blue Perfume LLC I make my fine perfume in our Laboratory at the weight and mixture of Perfume quality but I find that adding a small percentage of pure distilled water I lower the natural alcohol scent and the emulsion allows for more of the pure oils and essences to come through in a lovely note combination.

During the middle years of the Victorian period, Lemon oil and Bergamot were the most popular and sought after scents. These would normally be combined but some would use each one separately.

During the late Victorian period there were many chemist, distillers and perfume houses in London and Paris with a wide range of choices of inexpensive, synthetic fragrances available to the common working man and women.

This was wonderful for many, now the general population could afford to smell “sweet” and refined as the wealthier classes.

The wealthy ladies did not like this so much and wanted to be distinguished from the lower classes. This would put a demand on natural and unsynthesized  perfumes, again.  In the 1890’s more complex, fine and lovely scents with 8-14 different plant essences and extracts would be sold in bottles and glass vials that were decorative and ornate.

One of the oldest perfume houses in the world today is Floris, in Jermyn Street, London. It was founded in the 18th century and is still here today.

Please visit my fine perfume site at for sensual and distinctive artisan crafted “Victorian” style scents that are lovely, enticing and joyful.

To receive free samples fill out your contact information on the website.

Sign my contact page for the latest in offers and events with Angel Blue Perfume LLC


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Early Town, the Carnival Lady and an Attic of Secrets

Early Town, the Carnival Lady and an Attic of Secrets…


The days set slow in Early Town where shadows arrange in mysterious shapes under hazy trees of late summer.

I walk along a dry path, a dusting of cinnamon shimmer rises and settles in a traveling breeze across the field of milkweed and yarrow.

The path I travel finds its place along Gum Creek Cemetery and the house of the old carnival lady.

Time seems limpid and very still at the old wooden house. Her treasures are all within…the carnival stories told over again on porch swings during hot summer nights, only when children are dreaming. The tarnished charms, intimate letters wrapped in faded ribbon and dried lavender, dead flowers from a long ago lover, carnival posters, moth eaten lace dress slips and secrets….

These things live high in her house among the attic walls.

On moon bright midnights, broken shards of attic window glass shine on wood board floor, like geometric shaped jewels from a strange faraway place.

When the storms come dressed with the ” whistling winds ” as the old lady calls them, they will rattle the carnival parchment posters from yesteryear.

This sound reminds me of the frantic dying moth stuck inside a small wooden box.

I smile and ask her for a story that was new once, long moments ago.

She speaks to me  ” The secrets are not for sharing, they are for finding.”

We share…only yarrow tea and moments of silence….

One Autumn afternoon, when the yarrow is long and milky white in the field, illumined by a hot sun, I will return to the path past Gum Creek Cemetery, all shadows and silent wildflowers…and settle upon the vine covered porch of the old carnival woman’s house.

An old envelope, showing signs of dust and time I find as I enter through the door, upon the first step of the stairs. Small and neat are the words “For You My Child, Seeker of Secrets” and inside was a clean paper and pen with a small note attached at the top…

“We are receivers of this presence, We are like secrets finding, unfolding unto the light.

The manifested thought is our creation alone. Guide it, nurture it from a place of true wonderment…”

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