‘Angel of the Woods’ Angelus Silvarum~ Artisan & Pure Plant Essence Perfume

  My Newest Artisan Perfume Creation ~ ‘Angel of the Woods’ ~Angelus Silvarum~ Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Rose, Clove Bud, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang My newest Artisan & Pure Essences Perfume ‘Angel of the Woods’, is joyful and delightful; An inspiration from my time spent in the forests. An enlivening and fragrant blend of  notes that are warm woods, sensual spices and ethereal flowers. All of my Artisan perfume & cologne creations, for women and men, are pure, chemical free, toxin free, plant essence derived that are GCMS tested plant oils. Look for… Read More

‘A Connected Tale of the Mystery of School House 109; John Cole, Founder of Coles’ Bend in Barren County, KY; The Black Horse Tavern Inn, Midway, KY and Richard Cole Jr. Whose Progeny include Frank and Jesse James’

‘A Connected Tale of the Mystery of School House 109; John Cole, Founder of Coles’ Bend in Barren County, KY; The Black Horse Tavern Inn, Midway, KY and Richard Cole Jr. Whose Progeny include Frank and Jesse James’ By Tommie Flannery Baskis This new tale, which I will unfold for you, is from a very old tale. It is a part of what I call “The Abandoned Story” of our time and history. For those who know me well, you understand how very important and passionate I am about the forgotten stories… Read More

‘Lady Lonicera’ is the True and Ethereal Honeysuckle Perfume; Victorian Inspired, Artisan Crafted

The children of summer sun, with the scent of burning honeysuckle and their small bare feet, run forever; so reverent and sure… My newest luscious and ethereal perfume scent ‘Lady Lonicera’ delivers sweet notes from its namesake, The Latin word Lonicera, is found in the naming of Honeysuckle varieties. The memories I have, as a child in summer, slowly walking up and down the honeysuckle vines that grew like magic in our large yard along the fence row, still make me smile. The scent was not only intoxicating and sensual, it was a… Read More

Holiday Shipping Dates, the Magic of Decorating from Angel Blue Perfume LLC

Hello to everyone out there! I hope your days are filled with good cheer, a full spirit and magical moments this Holiday Season! Thanksgiving is soon upon us and this fine year is coming to a close. I want to say a few things and remind everyone about shipping dates , domestic and international. I am wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving to all of our Family, Friends and Clients from Angel Blue Perfume! A sincere thank you to all who have supported me in my dream to create some of the finest “Victorian inspired… Read More

Autumn is Perfect for ‘Victorian’ Inspired Perfumes & Cologne

Autumn is perfect for Angel Blue Perfume; holistic, sensual, plant essence perfume and cologne that you can enjoy without toxins and chemicals! Gorgeous scent creations and names such as Antique Slip, Summer Midnights, Lady Scarlett, Angel Blue, WildChild County, DragonSlayer and more! Each scent is ‘Victorian’ inspired and reveals an intimate story upon the skin of its bearer!  

The days set slow in Early Town where shadows arrange in mysterious shapes under hazy trees of late summer. I walk along a dry path; a dusting of cinnamon shimmer rises and settles in a traveling breeze across the field of milkweed and yarrow. The path I travel finds its place along Gum Creek Cemetery and the house of the old carnival lady. Time seems limpid and very still at the old wooden house. Her treasures are all within…the carnival stories told over again on porch swings during hot summer nights, only when… Read More

Autumn has always been a special season for my scent inspirations!

Autumn,… well it has always been the season dearest to my heart when it came to creating, writing, painting or doing just about anything in the great outdoors! I love the rich scents that evoke the Autumn season, such as wood smoke, hot chocolate, coffee, caramel apples, cinnamon pastries, pumpkin bread, black walnuts, anise and clove. There are so many special scents that inspire me and my perfume creations at Angel Blue! I believe every person has wonderful memories from childhood that they can relate to a particular scent or occasion. Enjoy the moments,… Read More

“Each Artisan Perfume and Cologne has a Beautiful Story Waiting to Unfold Upon the Skin of its Bearer…”

  Welcome Autumn, with a luscious, holistic plant essence perfume from Angel Blue’s creations! I love to tell a story with each unique & hand crafted artisan scent! A scent than when adorned, unfolds a mysterious and sensual story that is yours, alone! Visit us to see what enchantment awaits you-

Exciting News!! Angel Blue Perfume will now be available at ‘Block Party Handmade Boutique’ on 2916 Frankfort Ave. in Louisville, KY

Exciting News Flash! Angel Blue Perfume will be Showcasing at ‘Block Party Handmade Boutique’ on Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY starting September 23rd, 2017

Exciting News Flash!  Angel Blue Perfume LLC will be Selling Our Holistic & Artisan Crafted Perfumes & Cologne at Block Party Handmade Boutique on Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY on September 23rd, 2017   “My dream has been to create something truly special, distinctive and lovely from nature… the scent, that when adorned, would evoke the story and mood of the carefully selected notes and essences that were chosen for each artisan crafted perfume and cologne. I believe in the power of weaving a story out of nature’s own roots, flowers, leaves, wood, spices and fruits…”… Read More