“DragonSlayer” Cologne for men  – 1 oz   $30.00

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“DragonSlayer” cologne for men is an enticing blend of masculine, earthy and warm notes of Lime, Anise, Silver Fir, Cedar Wood, Black Pepper, Cocoa and Clove.
Gentlemen will appreciate the all natural cologne evoking deep forest and earthy spice with sweet lime, cedar wood and anise that soften and warm to the skin. Black pepper & cocoa notes add a complex, rich sensual warmth that make DragonSlayer a very alluring, distinctive cologne scent for men.
A man can feel good about wearing this cologne too, for there are no synthetic chemicals or dyes in the pure,  wildcrafted and distilled oil and plant essences.
This is a very masculine and enchanting scent that men will find to be fresh and earthy!
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