I tried the “Dragon Slayer” cologne to support a fellow Kentuckian and a Photographer of my Florida friends. The scent is wonderful and the wife loves it, too. It’s all natural so, it’s not the 3 day type of cologne but you can use it plentifully and frequently, which is nice. For me, it had the masculine scent that reminded me of Christmas in the woods and I enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended!

-Mykel Hawke, TV personality, Author, Survivalist and Green Beret Combat Veteran, Retired Officer-

Max Le Pera, – New Jersey – Ordered “DragonSlayer”

 Tommie, you did it! Dragonslayer is the first cologne in over 15 years that I will buy – I am ultra particular and been a 1 cologne man, until now! Your use of essential oils also means I don’t have to worry about unknown chemicals; I think you made Gold here. Pure, Clean, Fresh, Safe – Dragonslayer is an amazing scent – thank you!!!

Lynwood Metts – On “Summer Midnights” and “Angel Blue”

Angel Blue Perfumes are like True Love at First Sight. Pure and wholesome… yet complex.

These Victorian perfumes start with a strong tone that catch your attention and create an attraction. Perhaps because each perfume is designed with a component that causes the release of Endorphins (vanilla in Angel Blue and lavender in Summer Midnight). The fragrances interact with and enhance our natural scents and pheromones, with the resulting fragrance being unique to the individual. Summer Midnight has a light aroma. The orange blossom lends a narcotic, heady note. Cocoa brings a middle note which is sweet, rich, and very warm. Ylang ylang has a rich, floral scent. Rosewood adds a spicy woody note. Both Ylang ylang and Rosewood are known aphrodisiacs.

Angel Blue has a deeper aroma strongly punctuated with Cinnamon. Mimosa adds a sweet fragrance and a hint of undertones that are woody. German chamomile has a scent that makes you think of an old herb cabinet, balancing the sweetness of the mimosa. Cinnamon increases libido, while mimosa is an aphrodisiac.



Diana, California – Ordered “Lady Scarlett”

…My pleasure Tommie!  I wish you much success! Lady Scarlett has such a clean, refreshing scent! My boyfriend and I both love it…

Beth,  Kentucky – Ordered “Angel Blue”

I cannot use anything with chemicals in it, doctor’s orders, but I find this to be the perfect perfume for me. I like the scents, too. They are mild and soft…



Becky (Aka, Mom),  Louisville – Ordered “Lady Scarlett”

It is a clean, natural smelling fragrance with real essences for the notes, not artificial smelling, just soft…

I do not like artificial smelling flowers.



Paul – Florida – Ordered “DragonSlayer”

I really love this cologne! I like that it is an all natural scent that is masculine and does not irritate my skin as some synthetic scents do, even after shaving…



IMG_0844 Perfect AB