Angel Blue Perfume LLC

At Angel Blue Lab, we love to create a story and mood with our “Victorian Inspired, Artisan Crafted” distilled oil, root, leaf, flower and spice essence perfumes and colognes for women and men!

Each holistic scent we create is distinctive, pure and elegant. My vision and dream in the creation of a new scent, is in finding a sensuous harmony between the plant and flower essences. The carefully chosen essences for each recipe are combined and distilled for months to a year to evoke something truly special upon the skin of the bearer~

All fragrances are from natural plant essences and free of toxins, synthetic aldehydes, propylene glycol, phthalates which make these scents suitable for those who have allergies or just prefer a natural alternative.

Ever since I was young and would smell the intoxicating essences of my Grandmother’s Rose garden and magnolia blossoms and enjoy the lovely fragrances that each season’s wildflowers and plants would bring forth. From those moments on I have been inspired to create unique combinations from nature’s bounty.

 “My dream has been to create something truly enchanting, distinctive and lovely from nature; a scent, that when adorned, would evoke the story and mood of the carefully selected notes and essences that were chosen for each artisan crafted perfume and cologne.

I believe in the power of weaving a story out of nature’s own roots, flowers, leaves, wood, spices and fruits…”

“Live in your Vision, Walk in your Light”

CEO / Tommie Flannery Baskis

The wild- crafted and holistic essences of artisan crafted Angel Blue Perfume LLC, are blended to create desirable, natural fragrances with notes that enliven your spirit!

I am honored to create for you, perfume & cologne creations that are natural and free of synthetic aldehydes, fixatives, toxins and phthalates!

Whether your day is promised to a business meeting, a fun filled afternoon or a special evening engagement, you will surely enjoy the unique, elegant and sensual fragrance line of Angel Blue Perfume LLC

Lavender from the fields
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