Angel Blue

IMG_0845 AB 6 c.

“Angel Blue” Perfume – 1 oz  $30.00

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 “Angel Blue” is my signature, artisan scent inspired from my childhood walks among the lovely pink flowered, Mimosa trees in the late summer evenings.

The sensual, calming  and intoxicating scent of the soft pink and feathery flower of the Mimosa trees would entice my senses as I would collect the flowers in the cool evening after a sunny day.
I have a love of many plants and flowers but Mimosa is truly special. It has an essence that I feel, truly embodies pure sensuous and delicious enchantment!
Angel Blue will entice with captured sun filled Mimosa, sweet German Chamomile, warm Cinnamon and luscious Vanilla.
For the lady who embraces her dreams, sensuality,  and the mystery of her presence in life’s journey-


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