Ash Rose Moon


“Ash Rose Moon” Perfume – 1 oz  $30.00

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“Ash Rose Moon” holistic perfume by Angel Blue Perfume LLC is a blend of magical, mysterious and sensual plant essences !
Ash Rose Moon is a very enticing blend of notes that are sweet, floral and spicy. The scent of magnolia, brightened by the tart & exotic yuzu can be found. There are deep hints of romantic rose, earthen, powdery vetiver grass, mysterious melissa and a sensual mystery note that adds complexity to this luscious “Victorian” style perfume!
This lovely combination was inspired by one of my journeys looking for abandoned places in the mid-west countryside. An excerpt from a writing that inspired this perfume is below! Enjoy-


Early Town, the Carnival Lady and an Attic Full of Secrets


‘The days set slow in Early Town where shadows arrange in mysterious shapes under hazy trees of late summer.
I walk along a dry path; a dusting of cinnamon shimmer rises and settles in a traveling breeze across the field of milkweed and yarrow.
The path I travel finds its place along Gum Creek Cemetery and the house of the old carnival lady.
Time seems limpid and very still at the old wooden house. Her treasures are all within…the carnival stories told over again on porch swings during hot summer nights, only when children are dreaming. The tarnished charms, intimate letters wrapped in faded ribbon and dried lavender, dead rose flowers from a long ago lover, carnival posters, moth eaten lace dress slips and secrets….
These things live high in her house among the attic walls….’