Antique Slip

Antique Slip Perfume

Elegant and dreamy notes of Cassia, Cedarwood, Lavender and Rose Geranium


“Antique Slip” is elegant, evocative and stirring.  It shines with lovely, warm, spicy notes of Cassia, Cedar Wood, Lavender and Rose Geranium! It is reminiscent of an old world ‘bake shoppe’.
“I remember rummaging through my grandmother’s boxes and trunks where she had carefully placed her “fine things” to be stored. I always loved the mystery of finding something hidden and forgotten, left in the attic or an old room closet.”
This adoring scent was inspired by my published writing “The Slip”
 “The Slip”
Her antique lace slip of silk, faded and soft by time and a man’s warm hands.
From an upstairs window, bathed in silent sunset, drapes her lithe shape and pattern of moments, within the silk and lace fabric.
Silk, cool as chilled cream with faraway scents of cassia and coriander, is stored within the paper box, to be placed in a wardrobe for winters keeping…


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