Lady Lonicera


‘Lady Lonicera’ perfume

Artisan Crafted, Holistic, Plant Based Perfume that is sensual and made without toxins or synthetic aldehydes.




 ‘Lady Lonicera’ perfume  – 1 oz.   39.00

‘Lady Lonicera’  is making a debut this June as my newest, ethereal & sensual floral fragrance !

The luscious notes that create the ‘accord’ for ‘Lady Lonicera’ are sunny Honeysuckle, picked from our acreage and naturally Polar Solvent Extracted in our lab. This is combined with warm, citrus Tangerine and Yuzu, spicy Coriander, floral and forest scent of Peru Balsam and rich Vanilla.

This summer floral scent is delicious, joyfully bright with sweet and woodsy notes.

XO, to all of you

“Live your vision, walk in your light”

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