‘Femina Silvis’, The history and therapeutic uses of the ancient plant essences behind my ‘Newest Artisan & Victorian Inspired Perfume’

femina silvis ad 1

I am very joyful to unveil, my newest and sublime perfume scent, titled ‘Femina Silvis’ !

The Latin name I chose for this sensual, joyful and exotic blend, ‘Femina Silvis’ means ‘Lady of the Woods’.

It is a very rich perfume blend of steam distilled flowers, bark, resin and spice essences that are deeply, sensual and bright with an ethereal- woodsy and champagne- sugared note family.

The Base note, of the Resin tears of Frankincense Serrata, was chosen because of the familiar mindfulness and balance therapeutic qualities this plant resin exudes. It has very bright and citrus notes that are joyful and reminiscent of a fragrant forest.

Many who have studied the plant essences of the Family of Frankincense, have noted that the Bible was most likely referring to a Boswellia Serrata variety of Frankincense. This resin was used in the early days of Christianity in Europe. I love its rich, ethereal and dreamy scent.

I have always loved being in the woods and studying all trees varieties during the seasons. I chose to use Douglas Fir for its quintessential, sweet scent and memory of Christmas trees.

Douglas Fir needles are steam- distilled and considered a Middle note. They have anti-septic qualities and have been used through the years to support respiratory health.

Another Middle note I chose is Magnolia. I have fond memories of the flower blossoms Me and my Grandmother would pick from her large tree by the Ohio River, in Indiana.

My Grandmother, Virginia Rose, would bring them in and put into a glass vase, place them in the large living room on her antique table, where they not only glorified the room with their angelic, large blooms… but the wind coming through the open windows would send the sugary, intoxicating fragrance throughout the house. I will never forget those special summer days and the power of plant essences on my mood and creativity.

Allspice, a fruit and berry from a tropical, balmy evergreen grown in Jamaica, offers an exotic, spicy blend. This spice traveled the world and was carried on sailing vessels from the New World during the 18th century.

Europeans loved allspice for its medicinal tummy, remedy properties. The people from the West Indies used this essence for the tummy and digestive ailments.

‘Femina Silvis’ is a highly sensual, feminine perfume evoking clean and bright notes of forest, a spicy exotic floral with a champagne-sugared blend of essences and resin.

I hope you will enjoy the new sublime ‘Femina Silvis’; Sensual, ‘Victorian Inspired’ and all natural perfume as much as we do, at Angel Blue Perfume LLC. To order,  please visit the link under the respective perfume title’s page.

“Live your Vision. Walk in your Light”



(c.) 2019 all formulas, written and photographic documentation belongs to Angel Blue Perfume LLC




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