“Wildchild County” makes its debut as a gorgeous sweet floral, in time for Summer

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Welcome to “Wildchild County”,  Angel Blue Perfume’s latest summer scent!

“Wildchild County”  is an elegantly sweet and warm floral with delicious notes of sweet orange, mimosa, ylang ylang and vanilla bean. This lovely sweet, juicy floral is sexy, joyful and elegant.

All perfumes and colognes are made without chemicals and dyes. They are holistic and artisan crafted scents that can be enjoyed lavishly.

We at Angel Blue Perfume LLC are elated to bring you this newest holistic and artisan crafted summer scent!

Please visit the Wildchild County page link to see more and request your sample today.


“Wildchild County”  a place where moments linger under large oak trees, where the summer sun gently gives a warm fragrance to the wildflowers gently blowing near the forest pasture…

Laughter is the song of late afternoon porch gatherings, as swings slowly rock to a rhythm of tinkling iced glasses of fresh tea with sweet orange slices

As the evening grows near with the cicada calls, we eagerly anticipate Grandma’s homemade vanilla bean ice cream to sweetly cool our warm summer souls




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